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Mobile phone industry is growing very fast and the scope of repairing also in the same track. Exploiting the situation, many youths plunged in to the repairing field of mobile phone without adequate know-how, resulting in heavy damage to the handsets. In such a scenario the industry is in high demand of qualified and committed mobile phone / smart phone / tablet service engineers globally.Britco & Bridco responded adequately to the demand of qualified mobile phone technicians from each and every corner of the world and provides the qualified and committed smart phone service engineers around the globe.

Britco & Bridco provides technician not only to individuals or firm but for manufacturers and MNCs to fill their requirements in higher level repair factory.Moreover, we provides complete technical and marketing support to set up sales and service show rooms for mobile phones to new entrepreneurs. Britco & Bridco helps interested persons in the industry by giving guidance and consultancy by the team of experts on decoration, electrification, computer configuration, staff selection, stationary items, tools, instruments, mobile phones, SIM cards, cash cards, accessories, spare parts etc. Associating with Britco & Bridco assures a development of a technically professional and fiscally attractive business package, through which an entrepreneur saves immense resources in terms of money, time and effort.


Consultation Trainging

From Britco, you can conveniently purchase telecommunication related technological solutions, mobile software and hardware products, accessories and spare parts for mobile devices, repair/service tools etc. Our aim is to establish long-term trade relations with our customers through excellent service, innovative marketing tools, user support, quality, etc. We assure the high quality of tools, efficient services, friendly user support and secure shopping environment. Besides, what is more important, we observe the world market daily to sell each and every product at the best price!